Equilibrium in the State of Israel

We are all sick and tired of the negative news headlines coming out of the Middle East, and for good reason! Anyone who visits Israel knows that 99% of people are living normal lives: the majority of their worries are focused on work, their children, their social circles. 

In Israel, the daily routine is a remarkable feat. In most countries, if people faced the dangers that Israelis constantly deal with, no one would ever leave their homes.

How do Israelis keep their lives in balance? Several ways:

1. Defeat of terrorism.
The daily trip to the store, the outdoor dance festival, that delicious meal in a restaurant- these are the things that extremists want to prevent from happening. A violent attack is designed to scare people away from pursuing their routines. Israelis know this and carry out their livelihoods in spite of threats.

2. Community
Though Israeli society faces intense hardship, no one is alone in the struggle. People brave it together, with their families and communities.   

3. The Land, and a greater purpose.
Above all, Israelis are spiritually connected to the Promised Land. Every day spent living there is a blessing.

All of this contributes to a state of balance and equilibrium where Israelis can live and thrive. They are an inspiration to the rest of us. 

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