Five Pieces of Israeli Art/Photography that would be Perfect for Your Home

Israel offers landscapes and sceneries that offer profound inspiration to painters, photographers, and many other types of visual artists. As result, Israel has some of the best art in the world. Here are five pieces of Israeli art and photography that would look incredible in any home:


 Safed (Tsvat) - Stretched Canvas ($99-219). A drawing of the mystical city, one of the main centers of Kabbalah in Israel.

Drawing by Arthur Gold


Jerusalem at Night - Framed Print ($169-$219). A stunning black and white photo of the Jerusalem landscape. 

Photo by Iris Cohenian. 


Safe Harbor - Stretched Canvas ($69-179). A relaxing photo of boats in the Port of Tel Aviv.

Photo by Iris Cohenian. 


Galilee Palm - Framed Print ($169-$219). A beautiful, verdant photo of Israeli agriculture and farming in the Galilee.  

Photo by Iris Cohenian 


 Snow and Prayer by the Western Wall - Framed Canvas ($79-249). A close-up photo of the Western Wall during a snowfall. 

Photo by Iris Cohenian. 

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