The Soul of Art, the Soul of a Business

Amid stressful and unpredictable lives, with busy works weeks and seemingly endless errands, we find ourselves desperate for the occasional escape, the refuge where we can find meaning. Despite the flurry of tasks, we are able to calm our inner worlds when we attach to something profound. And often times, we connect to this depth through the art that graces the walls of our homes. We've picked our collections of paintings, drawings, photographs, and more because each and every one of them touched something deep inside of us.    

What is it about art that speaks to us? Why is it that one piece may have no effect on us, where another creates a poignant burst of nostalgia or a mountain of sadness? There are no rational answers to these questions. Science cannot "prove" the emotional and spiritual significance of art, yet we know it is there. It is beautiful because it comes from the heart of the artist and connects to our hearts. 


 Biblical Sunset - Arthur Gold

One of the joys of building and running Israel Framed is the opportunity to give people such experiences, and allow them to feel the power and spirit of Israel in their homes. A question we get a lot is how we describe ourselves as a business in one sentence. And it's been more complicated to answer that question than we might have thought. Yes, we are an ecommerce business that offers Israeli art and photography. Yes, we provide Israeli gifts and home decor. Yes, we sell Judaica and visual art.

Except none of those phrases do it justice. They might say what we are doing in the most literal sense. But it definitely doesn't convey our passion for Israel, and it doesn't even come close to showing the neshama (soul) of the art.

So there's really no other way to put it. Israel Framed is a business with a soul, and that soul shows up as the essence of our art. It has been an incredible journey, and we hope to have the opportunity to continue to spread the magic of Israel.      

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