Hasidic Art

The majority of our art and photography feature buildings and landscapes, showing the physical beauty of Israel that we all know and love. The landscapes, the historical sites and cities- they're incredible. They speak for themselves. 

However, we also included some art in the Israel Framed gallery that is a little different in style. Shoshannah Brombacher, a painter from Brooklyn, is a highlight in our collection. Often compared to Marc Chagall, she creates vivid, spiritual scenes that convey important moments from the Bible.

Hasidism is a spiritual movement that aims to bring joy to Jewish religious life and practice. You can feel the joy and wonder pouring out of Shoshannah's art.


We partner with Shoshanna because her scenes are alive with Jewish and Biblical Heritage. The Jewish connection to Israel is undeniable. We celebrate this bond with a colorful series of paintings- truly in the spirit of Israel. 

Twelve Tribes




See her whole collection here: http://israelframed.com/collections/all/shoshannah-brombacher



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