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Check out the feature story we had in The Times of Israel - A positive snapshot of Israel, one frame at a time.


This site is about passion.

We're passionate about Israel, and it's our mission to bring the Promised Land into your home. We do this through beautiful images, including photographs and reproductions of original art. On our site, you will find inspiring art and photography that is perfect for your home. We pride ourselves in providing only the finest selection of Israeli Wall Art and Home Decor. 

Israel’s a country where people from diverse backgrounds are living in a Jewish state and treated as equals. Christians, Druze, Arabs, Muslims and Jews live and thrive within the borders of this Biblical land. Israeli innovation and ingenuity have enhanced the world beyond this tiny state.

Despite the too-frequent negative headlines, regardless of the never-ending need to defend its citizens, and notwithstanding its imperfections, Israel is a model of democracy and strength.

We have created Israel Framed to show this side of Israel. We wish to “frame” the discussion in a different context, one that focuses on the natural beauty, people, and culture within the land.

Whether you have been to Israel or not, have a Biblical-inspired love of Israel and its people because you know this to be God’s message, or simply appreciate the only true democracy in the Middle East, we hope you find joy in what we offer. If a photo on our site brings you happiness, makes you smile, reminds you of God’s gifts, we’ve done our job!

Please let us know what you think. We’re adding products, artists, and content about a Promised Land that we all love. Your thoughts will help guide the future of this site and the products we share, because just like us, you are passionate about Israel.

Next year in Jerusalem!

Eric and Jeff